“It would be really odd if Xavi wasn’t here”

— Andres Iniesta (via fabregastastic4) —


"It’s a pleasure to play for Barça, I’m very proud and happy to be here"

“A bad match from Leo it’s perhaps the best match that any other player in the world could play.”

— Andrés Iniesta, during today’s press conference. (via tito-vilanova) —

International players during Training session 24.07.2014 (Afternoon)

Revisiones médicas de los jugadores internacionales del Barça 


—-> GUYS I NEED YOUR HELP (only 10 days left, and we still need a little to reach our goals! - We can’t have the money if we don’t reach it)

I’m doing a humanitarian project with 12 other students from my school, and we need to raise funds for it. It’s a continuation of a project already done in 2013 (the photos above are from last year’ project). I care very much about this project so I’ll explain it a little to you:

  • The project: we’re leaving in August 2014 to Togo (West Africa). Our action is based on tutoring classes for children from a small village called Agou Atigbé, not far from Lomé, for three weeks in the morning. In the afternoon, we’ll do educational activities (related to sport, art, etc.). We are doing a partnership with an association from Togo, called Voluntarios. At the end of the tutoring, we’ll give the children school supplies for their next school year, and also as a gift for attending class during their holidays.
  • Why do we need funds?: We’ve been thinking a lot about this project, and we first thought that we’ll bring school supplies from France (based on donation). But then, we realized that it’s a kind of neo-colonialism, and we don’t want that. So we had the idea of buying the supplies directly in Togo (to help the local businesses). That’s why we need your help, we can’t finance all of it because we already have a lot to pay (plane tickets, visa, vaccines, medicine etc.), your help would be precious.

—-> If you want to help (it can be very little), you can donate on our crowdfunding website [here]. The description of the project is in French, that’s why I explained part of it before + there’s “rewards” if you donate more than 5 euros :)

If you want more informations about the project, the association, the members of the groupe, the website all the reasons why this project exists, don’t hesitate to ask me or send me an email: claire.pignon6@gmail.com. We also have a facebook page (in French).

It would mean the world to me if you guys helped a little. I know we don’t always have money and if you can’t help me financially, can you help me to  “spread” the message (reblog it), it would be very important to me :).

If you donate, you can message me, and I’ll make a special thank you post for everyone who does it. 

(and please do not steal the photos, they were taken by a friend of mine who did the project last year)

The players who went out in World Cup group stage at medical tests this morning. 14/07/24.

Merci pour tes conseils ! Je ne vais pas me laisser faire. D'ailleurs un autre ami de twitter que je connais grâce à ma passion de la natation m'a posé cette question hier sur twitter "est-ce que tu te touche ton entre jambe?". Je suis plus que choquée.. Sérieusement, est-ce qu'on est que des bout de viande à leurs yeux..

De rien, il n’y a pas de soucis. Tu peux me parler quand tu veux! :)

Par contre, fais attention à tes relations sur twitter… Bizarre quand même ce genre de messages. Comme tu dis, on a l’impression qu’on est que des morceaux de viande pour eux. Mais ils ne sont pas tous comme ça, hein :). Si ça t’énerve vraiment, tu peux les bloquer et sécuriser ton compte pour ne pas avoir d’autres problèmes! :)


Here’s what I promised you! I supposed to make this during the world cup because i hit 2k a while ago but yeah things happened and i got sad and lazy. But now i’m back! Here’s a special thank you for you guys who’ve been following me and keeping up with me, I just wanna say thank you! So let’s get on with it


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eehh i probably forgot some people (hopefully not much) but these are just the people that appears in my dash often (bc of timezones and stuffs) and a special thank you for you who always listen to my rants willingly you know who you are <3 Actually i’m planning to do a Q&A video in celebration of my 2k followers along with this ff if i receive questions. I’ll post the video on friday so yeah you can start to send in your questions now via my askbox.. it doesn’t have to be football related just anything you’re curious about :-) that’s all thank you everyone and have a nice day!!

AAAH THANK YOU SO MUCH :D I’m always so happy to see me in your follow forever :p You’re one of the best here Patrice ;) Love you!! <3