“Finally my first goal, thank God. The guys were already a bit joking about it…”

— Ivan Rakitic (via blaugr4na) —

FC Barcelona celebrating their goals against Levante | Sept. 21, 2014


Messi finds a goal while picking his nose

Ivan Rakitic Goal Levante vs Barcelona 0 -2 , 21.09.14 



the amazing slide tackle that saved us from conceding our 1st goal

rakitic was sent from the heavens by god

"In the dressing room the key word is respect. It’s much more important even than friendship. You can have one or two close friends, but you must have respect for every one of your teammates. That’s the only way the team can function, the only way we can win."

Barça is where I wanted to be and the club I love. From the first day, I felt comfortable here.